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Luján Islas was born in Neuquén, Argentina, and when she was 17 years old she moved to Buenos Aires to study Image and Sound Design at the Universidad de Palermo (UP). In 2008, Luján got her degree and the following year she was already editing work of her own and also other people's projects. From the age of 22 she worked as a freelance editor in several production companies and as an assistant art director in ‘100 Bares’ (Juan José Campanella). In 2013, she started editing and assembling layouts at ‘Cronos’, which were later shot by an outside director. Until it appear the offer to direct and she said “Yes!”.

Her first work in this new role was a commercial for YPF Elaion Moto, in Epecuén. Since then Luján become a director and works for the company ‘Rebolucion’ (Armando Bó) in Buenos Aires, Brazil and Mexico, ‘Filmeikers’ in Ecuador and ‘Somos5’ in Madrid. She also enjoys filming musical videos for local artists in Argentina, and doing her own music as well.

Whenever she starts thinking about a project, she needs a sound to match with the image in her head. This is how Luján learned to visualize what she sees, to put music in what she hears and to be able to show it to others.